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Project Description

Durbin App is the Largest Educational Mobile App in Bangladesh. Durbin App is designed for class five to graduate students. Durbin App encourages students to identity their passionate areas and also helping them to chase their dreams. Durbin app aim is to make learning easy and fun and also making the students efficient and develop a solid educational base. Durbin App’s main target group is school and college students; however under-grad and graduate student may find it helpful to prepare themselves for BCS exam, MBA admission, corporate job exam and teaching profession.

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Durbin App

Durbin App aim is to make education fun and exciting. The target group of our project is students from class 5 to class 12. Durbin foundation is aiming to reduce the dropout rate and graduate unemployment rate through Durbin App. We believe these rates are so high because of lack of quality education and career counseling or guidance in an early age. Durbin App is designed to address these issues.


For career counseling the app has a desirable career list with brief description and basic requirements for the job. List of universities offering these required courses and their costs are also included. Think of this app as your personal career counselor.


Take short MCQ tests to evaluate your-self on any chapter of any subject. You can practice English Grammar or solve model questions from class five to HSC. Graduate students can take tests for MBA Admission Preparation and Teaching Job Exam or Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Preparation.

Online Contest

Challenge your friends on any topic to give test with the same question paper and compare marks. Analyze your own performance and achievements and also show off your hard earned skills to others.

Study Network

Our 24/7 online network of students and Mentors ready to answer the study related problems. Post your questions to get the solutions from thousands of Online Teachers.

Enlightened News

A news stream of positive and encouraging events along with technological advancements around the world to motivate you.

Distance Learning

Video lessons to help students understand and visualize critical concepts from the textbook.

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