Education for All

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Quality Education

Education – the key to replacing an empty mind with an open one

The darkness of ignorance and hopelessness can only be removed through the light of education. Education allows one to learn new skills and enhance the ones they already have. One of the basic necessities of a human being is education. Whether it is to create an upholding citizen or society or to develop ones career Education is a must. Education opens up the eyes towards new possibilities and helps a person to reach their potential.

Durbin’s Motives

We at Durbin Foundation believe Education is not only a tool to attain success in but also a torch that can eliminate a mind. Education teaches us “How to think” rather than “What to think”. To help create an uplifting society of well-educated citizens we need to help students find the fun in education or grow their interest rather than beating them in to the system and forcing them to do good results.
Durbin foundation strongly believes we can overcome some of the most basic issues behind dropouts, high graduate unemployment rate and even child marriage through communication with the students. And this is exactly on what Durbin gives its full attention to.

What does Durbin do to spread the marvelous light?

Durbin looks for schools and colleges of a specific areas that requires help, assess their overall needs and organize workshop, training and activities that can lead to much more than just useful learning. In the workshop, we help the students understand the importance of education and why choosing aims in life is important. We help students to plan a suitable career which steers them to the right and appropriate direction. Durbin finds it important that teacher-student relationship should be in a very strong and healthy state, so that a student can ask for all sorts of help to a teacher while the teacher can share his knowledge with the young minds.
Some youngsters get steered to the wrong path in life engaging themselves in dealing with substance abuse (i.e. drug, alcohol), gang involvement, eve teasing and many other socially unapproved activities. Teenage female students mainly fall a victim to eve teasing. These young people need proper guidance and Durbin helps them find the true and right path of life through academic and psychological counseling. Science documentaries, short length educational movies – help a lot to make these youngsters interested in science and other careers.
Students with disabilities are placed in the same room as the normal students. So, that the other students learn of humanity and learn to help others. This activity teaches them to accept a disable person as a part of the society and not be cruel towards people with disabilities. Durbin has also taken this initiative for remote students. The program known as Online Student Counseling (FIRST TIME IN BANGLADESH) where the students will have the benefit of discussing many education and career related issues.
Durbin hopes to help and guide students from an early age when they are class 5 to university level. They also assist students who study in Madrasas. Durbin has a skilled Education team to meet with all these difficult challenges. We strongly believe the assistance and cooperation of both Government and other concerned organizations will certainly help bring out greater results for the society.

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