Wake-Up @ Dhaka

Orgnizer:Durbin Foundation

October 22, 2016 4:00 am

The world of work has changed. A high school diploma, university degree are not ensuring decent wages job. A typical career path today does not necessarily follow the traditional course of high school, college, university degree. One reality of today’s workforce, however, that has remained the same is that youth need to develop skills to be employed. To be able to acquire these skills and effectively change jobs, and plan and manage multiple careers over one’s life time, career development skills are important. The process by which youth get to know their strengths and interests, learn how different jobs connect with those interests, and build these career planning and management skills.

Durbin Foundation presenting this Youth Development Campaign, Wake-up. Wakeup is a motivational workshop about the challenges & opportunities of our time, and inspires participants to take meaningful action toward a thriving, and sustainable career development. Whether it be a skill based work, social entrepreneurship ventures, community service projects, or hard-hitting advocacy campaign. Wakeup campaign topics are given bellow:

1. Personal Vision & Development
2. Self-exploration
3. Career & Opportunity Exploration
4. Career Planning and Management
5. Individualized Learning Plans
6. Changing Habits
Ticket: 100 Taka
For Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/sY4paI7crqX1HutE3

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