Our vision is to establish knowledge-based economy in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is on its way to becoming a middle-income country by 2021. To achieve this status, rebuilding a knowledge-based economy is essential. By transforming our vast human resources into skilled workforce equipped with innovative and creative abilities, we can create our knowledge capital replacing physical capital required for a knowledge-based economy. Our strong desire and thirst of our youth for higher education along with our rich cultural heritage, ancient technologies, combined with new knowledge could steer our country towards becoming the 21st Century citizen.

Our Story

We have started our journey back in 2010 with few students of university students. Initially Durbin started with three departments: ICT, Education and Medical. All the departments consist of highly energetic and enthusiastic members who are dedicated for the social welfare along with their regular study. For further development of the members, Durbin usually arrange internal training with highly qualified trainers. Durbin maintains its liaison with different organizations and practices cooperation and nice bonding for the social welfare. Durbin always welcomes the new generation and invites the youth to step forward to put the courage and energy into action for the development of this country. Durbin symbolizes to visualize the dream and make the dream come true. Durbin always tries to bring out the inner strength and unleash the potential of the people, especially the young generation so that they can be an asset and adroit citizen of this country and make their dreams bigger for them as well as for the country. Thus, Durbin goes on and tells every young people, “Chase Your Dreams!”

OUR Mission

Since Bangladesh has a great potential of its huge population, Durbin believes that with capacity development in technical skills along with the advancement of education and health can turn this population into a great human resource. Durbin conducts workshop, training, distant learning and many more activities in order to accomplish its mission. Motivating students for higher study especially in ICT sector and inspire students to develop their innovational, technical and interpersonal skills so that they can be regarded as a skillful nation in future having patriotism.


Our Partners