Bangladesh is a developing country. With its huge population, Bangladesh has lack of natural resource and less technological support. The only resource which is abundant here is human resource and 17.38% of the total population is Youth (15-24 ages). * Source: (Report on monitoring of employment survey 2009). But some present statistics shows that around 40 % of the country’s population is youth.

This group is the most literate among the whole population but only few of them are contributing to our country’s economy because large portion of this population are remained under graduate. Although among the fresh graduates a huge number are also remain unemployed. Because the quality of education they got is not good enough to compete in the present dynamic job market as their education in not fully knowledge or skill based. As a matter of fact, now they are getting frustrated and breaking social norms and behavior. Durbin has started its journey with the vision to establish a knowledge-based economy where the entire youth citizen can contribute to the development of country’s economy.

Our findings

Durbin has arranged many ‘skill development’ training campaign focusing on youth. According to our research we have found that the Youth people from the northest part of Bangladesh is struggling much in running their economic engine. There are three categories of youth. One part of the youth is talented, and they get the chance to study in the public universities. The percentage of this young group is only 12 percent. Moreover, the second group of youth gets the chance to study in private universities because their family has enough financial resources. The percentage of this group is around 20%. Lastly those students who didn’t get the chance in public and private universities they admitted in degree (pass) course or degree (Hon's) course. Around two third of the students admitted in this course. Students who are studying degree courses under national university are often faces problem in finding a job. In the degree program students are not getting proper knowledge or skilled based training. That’s why after their graduation they remain jobless and gradually they started to earn money in wrong way. Durbin has worked in Nilphamari district where we have observed youth people are very keen in developing their skills. The main barrier for learning new skills is “Lack of Opportunity”. Most of the families of the northest part of Bangladesh are dependent with Agriculture. Moreover during cultivation period they face tremendous problem in shortage of water. In addition as there is water crisis so no industry has grown up. So the families cannot afford extra money for developing their young children.


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District Coverage

Our Approach

Active policy making and
follow up

Government participation is highly necessary to be able to provide jobs both quantity and quality wise. There is more of a guarantee for better job opportunities, equal and revised wages, training subsidies and youth entrepreneurship interventions as long as the the government gets involved and successfully supports it.

Mentoring and career guidance

Instead of focusing on the traditional job roles and mainstream career paths, students need definite advising on the different opportunities available for them out there. Mentoring them could help boost their career pathways and steer them to the right career based on their skill. When skills align to employers requirements, job unemployment is less likely.

Supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship

For any country to drive economic growth, creating employment and experimenting with innovation for wealth, it is essential to hail and support entrepreneurship. Spreading knowledge about how to set up and operate businesses will be quite a step towards a more independent and less unemployed youth.

How It Works

Need Assessment

Durbin event team conducts need assessment and find the appropriate school, college and university to organize the workshop.

Set appointment

Durbin event team send a formal letter to institute authority to get access in the premises for the event.


Durbin education team set a plan and outcome regarding the training or workshop.


Durbin communication team inform members and select the right member for conducting the event.

Conducts Events

Durbin education, event and communication team jointly coordinate to make the event successful.

Outcome Analysis

After completing the event Durbin education team send a report about the outcome of the event to project lead.

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