The darkness of ignorance and hopelessness can only be removed through the light of education. Education allows one to learn new skills and enhance the ones they already have. One of the basic necessities of a human being is education. Whether it is to create an upholding citizen or society or to develop ones career Education is a must. Education opens up the eyes towards new possibilities and helps a person to reach their potential.

We at Durbin Foundation believe Education is not only a tool to attain success in but also a torch that can eliminate a mind. Education teaches us “How to think” rather than “What to think”. To help create an uplifting society of well-educated citizens we need to help students find the fun in education or grow their interest rather than beating them in to the system and forcing them to do good results. Durbin foundation strongly believes we can overcome some of the most basic issues behind dropouts, high graduate unemployment rate and even child marriage through communication with the students. And this is exactly on what Durbin gives its full attention to.

What does Durbin do to spread the marvelous light?

Durbin looks for schools and colleges of a specific areas that requires help, assess their overall needs and organize workshop, training and activities that can lead to much more than just useful learning. In the workshop, we help the students understand the importance of education and why choosing aims in life is important. We help students to plan a suitable career which steers them to the right and appropriate direction. Durbin finds it important that teacher-student relationship should be in a very strong and healthy state, so that a student can ask for all sorts of help to a teacher while the teacher can share his knowledge with the young minds.


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Our Approach

Motivational Camp

Education initiatives—no matter how well planned or executed—risk falling short of their goals without student buy-in and commitment to learning. Durbin conducts training and workshop in rural and urban areas schools, college and university to helps students to discover that they are not alone in their desire to learn. Durbin also shows students the positive aspects of learning and achievement. Besides we also gives students a say in what and how they learn.

Durbin Academy Cloud School

Durbin Academy is the first cloud school in Bangladesh. Durbin Academy cloud school is most affordable and robust digital education platform. This cloud school offers e-learning, individual learning assessment tests with performance evaluation, group test, challenging others, collaborative learning forum, career information and extra-curricular learning materials. Durbin Academy e-learning video lectures from class modules from class 5 to 12 will give students a complete understanding of even the most complicated concepts in such a simple way that student will fall in love with learning. Durbin Academy is playing a very important role in minimizing the quality education gap between the rural and urban students and also it is helping to remove socioeconomic barrier in learning and development. Besides through Durbin Academy parents can now afford to bear educational expenses which will help to decrease the dropout rate in long run.

Advocacy in Regional and National Level

Durbin conducts different advocacy regional and national level. Durbin maintains a good relationship with government, local and international NGO, diplomats and other agencies. In local level Durbin gives more focus in student enrolment, participation and completion of schooling. Durbin also advocate for students those has special needs in education. At national level Durbin do advocacy for improving teaching methods, teaching materials, teachers capacity development, curriculum development etc.

How It Works

Need Assessment

Durbin event team conducts need assessment and find the appropriate school, college and university to organize the workshop.

Set appointment

Durbin event team send a formal letter to institute authority to get access in the premises for the event.


Durbin education team set a plan and outcome regarding the training or workshop.


Durbin communication team inform members and select the right member for conducting the event.

Conducts Events

Durbin education, event and communication team jointly coordinate to make the event successful.

Outcome Analysis

After completing the event Durbin education team send a report about the outcome of the event to project lead.

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