Information and communications technology, shortly known as ICT is the magic wand using which we are connected to each other. Person to person, city to city, country to county, continent to continent – a ribbon has tied us up together to stay connected with each other using the marvels of ICT. We can hardly think of a moment in life without using ICT. The various features of ICT do not only help in communication but also has become a great means of increasing economy. And therefore, ICT in the present days has become one of the most demanding departments of both education and job industry.

In the rapidly changing world, to survive in the globally competitive market it is absolutely vital to have ICT skills. To be aware of the various social protocols used all around the world is the key to communicate.This is what ICT teaches. Bangladesh has a total population of 180 million. This large population can be a great human resource – only if they had the opportunities. Moreover, 65% of its total population is below the age 25 – which is a great human resource, consisting of eager and energetic people who are interested to take ICT as their career. That’s why Durbin thinks ICT learning very Significant for us.

Durbin’s steps to increase interest on ICT

Durbin puts great emphasis on Information technology. Information technology is a new hope of a better and enriched life. The members of Durbin itself are mainly focused on ICT in one way or another. Durbin makes students know about the benefits of developing technical skills. It makes them familiar to the advantages of being skillful in ICT. In any job sector if a person is skilled in ICT, he is given more importance than the others. Upgraded in newer technology makes life easier and work done much comfortably in a less time consuming way. A person can be self-directed through the benefits of learning ICT because he would not have to rely on anyone if he is self-sufficient in information and technology himself. Durbin sends these messages to the young minds and motivates them to get interested in this useful department.

Durbin increases the eagerness and hunger of knowledge of students so that they get inspired and make up their mind to ICT.As the human resource in this country is of low-cost yet the quantity of human resource is a lot, people trained in ICT will have better opportunities to go abroad for outsourcing and thus improve the country’s economy and GDP growth. This will also result in knowledge based economy. Knowledge resources such as KNOW-HOW would be a great way of creating a better economy as the employees themselves will be able to transfer and utilize their knowledge which suits the correct field.


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Our Approach

ICT Skill Development

Our ICT Skill Development program makes youths beware of the opportunities and scopes that ICT could bring. We provide technical training to youths on various topics of ICT (e.g. web design, graphic technology, web development) and make them expert and skilled. After receiving training these youths can join to an information technology company or work on a freelance basis and thus can put an effort to transform our economy.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our Innovation & Entrepreneurship program helps students and young professionals learn technological entrepreneurship. Our training assists aspiring entrepreneurs in developing great ideas into great companies. By using proven content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis, we let youths to learn how to identify and analyze entrepreneurial opportunities. Strategic alliance, business modeling and value propositions according to local context constrains and opportunities are core elements taught in this program. We also invest in promising ideas and provides.

How It Works

Need Assessment

Durbin event team conducts need assessment and find the appropriate school, college and university to organize the workshop.

Set appointment

Durbin event team send a formal letter to institute authority to get access in the premises for the event.


Durbin education team set a plan and outcome regarding the training or workshop.


Durbin communication team inform members and select the right member for conducting the event.

Conducts Events

Durbin education, event and communication team jointly coordinate to make the event successful.

Outcome Analysis

After completing the event Durbin education team send a report about the outcome of the event to project lead.

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